Pandemics Resources around the Web

As we discover new material, we post it here to help people find out about what is happening related to the history of pandemics and other resources.

Outside resources (links to sources that we’ve found around the web, including opportunities for scholars and new projects)

  • The Mother of All Pandemics (Joris Roosen and Monica Green) – An extensive 93-page(!) bibliography dealing with all aspects of the plague in the middle ages.
  • Sessions on Epidemic History and the Future of Health (AAHM) – Six Zoom conference sessions on various aspect of this topic by historians of medicine, sponsored by the main society in the discipline. May 8-9, 2020 Zoom Webinar.
  • COVID-19 podcasts (CHSTM) – Podcasts by prominent historians on various aspects of epidemics and public health by experts in the field. March through May, 2020.
  • Pandemics (H-Sci-Med-Tech) – A quick link to the most current search results for the term “pandemic” in the H-Sci-Med-Tech database, covering recent announcements by historians of science, technology, and medicine.
  • Pandemics search (ArchiveGrid) – A quick link to the most current search results for the term “pandemic” in the ArchiveGrid, pointing you to access points for archival research.
  • Pandemics history (CDC) – The most recent CDC site giving capsule histories of pandemics and related concerns.
  • Reading list on pandemics (JSTOR) – An interesting set of stories related to pandemics. There are many historical articles here, but the list itself is very diverse.

Opportunities (links to calls for papers and announcements of new projects)

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