Taking the CB away from Humans and Giving It to Computers

By Sylwester Ratowt What makes today’s internet so different from the original web of the 90s is that, rather than writing webpages by hand, developers often write applications that create the webpages automatically based on data found at other internet locations. Consider the Digital Public Library of America, for example, which features browse by place and browse by date interfaces. […]

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Visualizing History of Science

The other day, I was looking through the book Atlas of Science: Visualizing What We Know (MIT Press, 2010) by Katy Börner, a fascinating big-data look at science for historians. It gave me the idea of playing around with visualizations of my own using the Isis Bibliography data. What I’ve produced here are quite unsophisticated by comparison, but they raise […]

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Ordering the Discipline

This past week the journal Isis published a symposium that I organized entitled “Ordering the Discipline: Classification in the History of Science.” The five articles in this symposium are all part of the Focus Section, which you can access through the Isis table of contents. By a standing agreement with the History of Science Society, the University of Chicago Press […]

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