The IsisCB, a Collaborative Bibliography

Last year witnessed some exciting changes in the IsisCB. As reported in the most recent HSS Newsletter, I now have new collaborators, scholars in the field who are working with me to enrich the content of the bibliography. I’ve started two different kinds of collaborations. First, I’ve begun working with Bruce Seely, a historian of technology at Michigan Tech, who […]

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History of Chemistry in Spain

By Stephen P. Weldon and Birutė Railienė. As part of our effort to encourage more people to add open access content and context to the Isis Bibliography, we have been working with colleagues to collect specialist knowledge to be incorporated into the Explore database. One of us (Railienė) asked historians of chemistry from different countries to send in up to ten of […]

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Internet neutrality

Today, I joined a national campaign to maintain internet neutrality, a critical rule that ensures that the internet remains open and accessible to everyone without regard to income. If it becomes possible for internet providers (ISPs) to charge differently for different kinds of services, then the real possibility exists that the IsisCB and sites like it will have a hard […]

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