Recent News — July 2017

There have been a number of changes in the IsisCB since last fall. It will be easiest to simply enumerate them and provide a short description. First, the 2016 Isis Current Bibliography was published this past month. It is smaller than normal because we have had to build an entirely new curation interface to go with the Explore platform. The […]

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Two New Paradigms for the IsisCB

Today, I want to draw your attention to two features of IsisCB Explore that are helping to change the 20th-century Isis Bibliography into a 21st-century interconnected global resource for history of science. First, we are now able to publish titles in non-Latin scripts, and second, we starting to link our authorities to VIAF records. Beyond Latin Alphabets Regarding the non-Latin scripts, this […]

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Cities Exploring

When I started as editor of the Isis Bibliography in 2002, one of the main goals I had was to find a way to get this valuable research data into the hands of more people from around the globe who simply didn’t have as many resources as we did in the United States and Western Europe. That was before open access had […]

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