Pandemics in South East Asia

The first bibliographical essay in our Pandemics series has arrived: Vivek Neelakantan’s very interesting “History of Pandemics in Southeast Asia: A Return of National Anxieties? “ and his bibliography. The article pioneers our experimental “early release and open review” process that allows us to post the first version of Neelakantan’s article and bibliography while it is being reviewed. You can […]

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Race and Science Word Cloud

Today I was able to complete a small visualization that I’ve been working on in conjunction with the Race and the History of Science project announced in my June 9 post. I went through a list of keywords on this topic and found the most relevant ones. I then created a word cloud, which you can see in full below. […]

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Race and Racism in the History of Science

Scholarship, I believe, must be founded on the fundamental value of the equality of all human beings. It cannot operate honestly unless its practitioners embrace that basic ideal. As the current custodian of the IsisCB, I feel an obligation to defend this value and to reckon with its implications for my work and the scholarship it serves. The wave of […]

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