Administration and Staffing


Stephen P. Weldon
Stephen has been editor of the Isis Bibliography since 2002. In addition to working on the bibliography, he also studies the relationship between science and culture, especially science and religion in the modern period. His primary research is on science and secular thought in America. His book manuscript on The Scientific Spirit of American Humanism has been accepted by Johns Hopkins Press. His work with his graduate assistants on the Isis Bibliography give him daily reasons to be enthusiastic about the upcoming generation of scholars.

Project Manager


Sylwester Ratowt

Sylwester has been associated with the Isis Bibliography since 2002, initially as a graduate assistant, then a technical consultant, finally returning to the front lines to work on the IsisCB project in 2014. Drawing on his training as a librarian and a historian, Sylwester enjoys debating epistemological implications of information organization. He lives in Gainesville, GA where he also teaches history of science in classrooms, hiking through the woods, or wherever he finds a willing audience.


Isis Bibliography Graduate Assistant Staff
Younes Mahdavi


Younes completed his BS in Mathematics at Shahid Beheshti University (Tehran) and then earned his MA in the History of Science at the University of Tehran.  His MA research focused on mathematics and astronomy in medieval Islam.  In his master’s thesis, he explored the application of spherical trigonometry in astronomy from the tenth to the,%20Younes%20-%20DeGolyer%202016-2017.pngthirteenth centuries, with a focus on new techniques developed by Islamic and Iranian mathematicians that replaced the techniques of Ptolemy’s Almagest.  In spring 2015, Younes, enrolled in the University of Oklahoma’s PhD program in the History of Science, Technology and Medicine.  He is interested in the cross-cultural transmission of science between the Islamic world and the Latin West during the middle ages and early modern period.
Jonathon Self


Jonathon is a self-admitted book nerd who loves to read about science, technology, and socioeconomics. After completing his BA in the History of Science, Technology, and Medicine from the University of Oklahoma in 2016, he gained admittance to the dual-degree MA program for the history of science and library and information studies at OU, where he hopes to continue his metabiographical and bibliographic studies of Charles Darwin’s biographies.  More generally, Jonathon’s research interests include the history of biology, media and technologies that communicate and popularize science, and how media affect the perception of science’s practitioners.




Past Assistants

Cody Williams, 2017

Jackson Pope, 2016

Nathan Kapoor, 2014-2016

Carolyn Scearce, 2014-2015

Kirsty Gaither, 2013-2015

Jared Neumann, 2012-2014

Royline Williams-Fontenelle, 2012-2013

John A. Stewart, 2010-2012

Jared Buss, 2010-2012

Kimberly L. Rudolph, 2008-2010
Sam Spence, 2008-2010

Lisa Torres, 2006-2008

Jackie Brazeal, 2007-2008

Julie Grissom, 2005-2006

Kate Sheppard, 2004-2006

Van Herd, 2003-2005

Melissa Rickman, 2002-2003

Stella Graves Stuart, 2004-2009 (Data analyst)