Dissertations in the IsisCB…and what they say about our history

Recently, I have been analyzing the dissertation data in the IsisCB, looking for information that might help us understand the history of our discipline. The dissertation records have a lot of rich information in them, and that information can be put to use in understanding more about the institutional context of history of science. The first thing I did was to

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IsisCB Explore – Version 0.13 – Updates and Improvements

This afternoon, we implemented a series of upgrades to the IsisCB Explore system. We are now at version 0.13! These changes should make navigation more intuitive, improve search, and encourage more interaction. There were three main changes. First of all, we significantly modified the way that we mark authority records by indicating all links with an information icon. This has

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On the Scholarly Merit of Creating Your Own Research Tool: An Interview with Jennifer Rampling

The following interview with Jennifer Rampling was conducted by Stephen Weldon at the History of Science Society Meeting in San Francisco, California, on November 21, 2015.[1] Rampling, Assistant Professor of History at Princeton University, won the first Neu-Whitrow Prize in 2013 for her compilation of the Catalogue of the Ripley Corpus. The Neu-Whitrow Prize is given every four years to

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