Neu-Whitrow Prize 2017 Announced by the Commission on Bibliography and Documentation

This past summer, the Commission on Bibliography and Documentation announced that it will award a second Neu-Whitrow Prize in 2017 for a scholar who produces “the most innovative research tool for managing, documenting and analyzing sources in the history of science and technology.” Originally called the Neu-Whitrow Bibliography Prize, the award was created in honor of the bibliographers John Neu

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A New Paradigm

Since my post at the end of July, a great deal has happened. Developments are taking place along two parallel lines that will eventually be integrated. First of all, the Isis Cumulative Bibliography volumes that we photographed last year (5000 pages of text in eight volumes, covering the years from 1913 to 1975) are now being transcribed into TEI, a

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The IsisCB as a Network Graph of the Discipline

The new interdependent relational database that we have built (which I described in the previous post) begins with a very different concept of what the information universe looks like. Instead of treating bibliographical citations as units of information, it treats them as objects that are made up of many different kinds of things. Citations are records of intellectual activities created

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